dxcpp: DNAnexus C++ bindings

The dxcpp C++ library allows your program to interact with the DNAnexus Platform via its API. Before you start digging in, you may want to take a look at the Introduction to the DNAnexus Platform. You may also find the following references to be useful as you develop your own scripts and apps:

API Specification
Complete details on the API, the lifecycle of different data objects, project permissions, and more. Many methods in the bindings translate directly into API calls, so it will be helpful to have at least a general understanding of the API's structure.
Execution Environment Reference
How applets and apps are run within the DNAnexus Platform.
Developer Portal
Links to all other docs and reference materials for DNAnexus app developers.

dxcpp provides the following handler classes for DNAnexus objects:

The following helpers will provide assistance with interfacing between your app(let) and the execution environment:

The following classes are used for throwing exceptions (all derive eventually from std::exception):