2.4. Records

Records are the most basic data object and do not store additional data beyond those available in all data objects (details, properties, etc.).

dxpy.bindings.dxrecord.new_dxrecord(details=None, **kwargs)[source]
Return type:DXRecord
Parameters:details (dict) – The contents of the record to be created.

Additional optional parameters not listed: all those under dxpy.bindings.DXDataObject.new(), except details.

Creates a new remote record object with project set to project and returns the appropriate handler.


r = dxpy.new_dxrecord({“x”: 1, “y”: 2})

Note that this function is shorthand for:

dxrecord = DXRecord()
class dxpy.bindings.dxrecord.DXRecord(dxid=None, project=None)[source]

Bases: dxpy.bindings.DXDataObject

Remote record object handler.

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