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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCdx::BlockingQueue< T >
oCdx::BlockingQueue< std::pair< std::string, int > >
oCdx::DXContainerA generic container for data objects
|\Cdx::DXProjectA DXContainer with additional functionality for collaboration
oCdx::DXDataObjectThe abstract base class for all data object remote handlers
|oCdx::DXFileA remote file handler
|\Cdx::DXRecordA minimal data object
oCdx::DXJobThe instantiation of an applet or app
oCdx::DXSystemStatic functions for searching for objects
|\Cdx::DXErrorGeneric exception for the DNAnexus C++ library
| oCdx::DXAPIError
| oCdx::DXAppErrorRepresents errors relating to the DXApp class
| oCdx::DXConnectionError
| oCdx::DXFileErrorRepresents errors relating to the DXFile class
| oCdx::DXJobErrorRepresents errors relating to the DXJob class
| \Cdx::DXNotImplementedError